The Solution

Protect Your Fragile Skin

There are many factors contributing to fragile skin.

Wound and burn care management

Post-surgery healing

Vulnerable scars

Medication-induced skin conditions

Chemotheraphy / dialysis treatment

IV/PICC line site bruising

Normal aging and sun damage

Abrasions and injuries caused by impact

Chafing from wheelchairs, walkers, and leg braces

Dermatological disorders

Most of these fragile skin areas appear on vulnerable arms, hands, and legs. A bump or fall can create a painful skin tear, abrasion, or bruising. These injuries can result in a costly trip to the hospital.

Preventative care has been elusive and a search for solutions reveal there is no effective method to protect against skin damage. Consumers are advised to use assorted creams and to wear long sleeves and pants. This is not enough, until now.

My wife is making a complete recovery on her arm. She is very susceptible to skin tears and loves the sleeves for gardening! You have a fabulous product!

—  Rick, Canterbury CT

Having Raynaud's disease and having to wear a leotard makes training in winter difficult. Thank you for making such an amazing product that I can work out in!

—  Kristle Lowell, US Team World Champion Gymnast

They fit snugly, with no loose gaps, and they cover the entire areas, protecting the limb. I would recommend limbkeepers to all healthcare workers.

—  Fran R. New Britian CT

When worn under clothing, Limbkeepers® sleeves add another layer of cushioned protection to these compromised areas while giving comfort, confidence, and dignity to the wearer.

Beyond Fragile Skin:
In the colder climates our sleeves make great arm and leg warmers. Our gloves make great outerwear glove liners and office gloves for the chilly workplace, any time of the year. They give relief to those suffering with Raynaud’s disease and arthritis. In the warmer climates, the hotter it gets outside, the colder it gets inside. Limbkeepers® will keep you comfortable in any temperature. Finally, Limbkeepers® make great tattoo cover ups for the workplace!